Ballet Practice

Teacher's Certificate

The Teacher's Certificate is an endorsement given to ballet teachers to ascertain their capability in professionally training students based on the Vaganova method.


Levels, Certificates and Diploma

The Foundation of Classical Ballet
Level 1 - Level 1 Certificate
Level 2 - Level 2 Certificate
Level 3 - Elementary Certificate
Level 4 - Level 4 Certificate
Level 5 - Level 5 Certificate
Level 6 - Intermediate Certificate
Level 7 - Level 7 Certificate
Level 8 - Advanced Diploma


Foundation of Classical Ballet

Foundation of classical Ballet is taught from Level 2 onwards.

Ballet Theory

In ballet theory, terminology, music appreciation, dance anatomy as well as different styles of ballet and schooling will be introduced.

Ballet History and Development

Students will gain knowledge on the history of ballet and understanding on the background of various repertoires, hence learning how to correctly coach variations and pieces of different styles.

Practical Teaching

Practical Teaching is composed of classroom etiquette management, effective communication, ways to acknowledge students' needs and understanding students with different physiques. Teachers are required to teach a ballet class as their practical teaching examination to demonstrate their teaching ability. They will be accessed in terms of their musicality and ability to demonstrate, choreograph and deliver exercises.


Vaganova Methodology

In all levels, Methodology discussion is given by a representative of the Association. The discussions will include theory classes on implementation of the Vaganova method at different levels. Students are require to take a Practical Teaching Examination in which they are assessed based on their performance in teaching a class. The Examination fee is USD320.



Upon completion of the course and pass in related assessments, including Practical Teaching Examination, students will obtain Teacher's Certificate licensed by the Russian Ballet Association and will be eligible to enrol students in the corresponding examinations. They will enjoy a one-year membership starting from the date they are awarded Teacher's Certificate.

To renew the membership, teachers will be required to pay an annual membership fee USD230 and submit evidence of active participation in the dance industry, including but not limited to: coaching, attendance or appreciation in competitions or performance with photo, video or letter proof.

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